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All our services are non-contact, non-abrasive.

We do not use any chemicals or abrasive materials and we do not create any toxic waste or air pollutants.

Biofilm, Coatings & Paint Removal

We can work with precision removing thin layers at a time without reaching the surface material priming for a fresh coat or we can clean more aggressively removing all layers completely right down to the surface and where surface profiling is required we can prep the surface for a new coat.


Grease removal is not fun, it gets messy and takes a lot of time. With our technology we can easily degrease any surface very quickly saving you time. We can clean many different surfaces such as: Engine blocks and parts, gear boxes, mechanical parts, equipment and even tools.

                  Graffiti Removal

Graffiti carry's a certain stigma with it and can make the community and your customers feel uneasy. We can easily remove Graffiti off of various surfaces such as brick walls, wooden gates or steel roofs restoring the underlying material to it's original state. Making your place of business and public area's feel safer.

                 Mould Cleaning

Mould's cleaning can can be tricky as certain moulds needs a delicate touch. The beauty of our technology is that it allows us to effectively remove any plastic or food residue with speed ensuring the mould structure is intact and any polished surface is left undamaged.

      Rust Removal / De-oxidising

Corrosion is not a friend to many industries and rust poses a threat to almost all metals and can cause a lot of damage and unnecessary cost. We easily remove rust returning the material to it's original state ensuring no further damaged is caused and we de-oxidise the surface to help delay the return of corrosion.

   Surface Cleaning & Preparation

Certain industries need to evaluate the properties and solidity of a material, component or system without causing any damage to the base material and some industries require delicate cleaning and restoration of art and heritage sites. Laser cleaning is well suited for this type of work as we can remove easily remove all surface impurities with ease leaving the surface undamaged. 

      Weld Pre and Post Cleaning

Weld preparation and cleaning plays a vital role in the steel industry and because weld preparation is such a crucial step we use our laser technology to easily remove any oxides and surface impurities before placing a weld ensuring the integrity and strength of your weld.

              Weld Stain removal

We remove weld stains with ease from any metal surface ready for inspections and we clean polished surfaces as we can clean very delicately so that the surface is left undamaged and clean ready for a polish.

                   Soot Removal

We effectively remove soot  from a variety of surfaces as our technology is  non-invasive leaving the surface clean and undamaged.  The removal of soot with laser can also help better evaluate the damage from a fire more effectively as we completely remove soot leaving no stains or residue on the surface making it easier to assess the degree of damage.