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How it works

How does laser technology work?

The demand for operational efficiency is on the rise and companies are wanting a more innovative approach to optimise their cleaning and restoration process which will ensure an increase in operational performance, work safety, quality of work and a reduction in our ecological footprint.
This is where laser technology stands out and offers a great deal of benefits whilst addressing these requirements using a faster, smarter and much cleaner technique - the power of light.
The laser shoots bullets of infrared light onto the contaminated surface creating high-energy that creates a reaction similar to a small explosion. The contaminants absorb the high-energy very quickly and heat up which forces the contaminant to shrink and crimp off of the surface either as a gas or dust which can easily be vacuumed away.
The substrate remains cool during the entire process and once the contaminant is completely removed the original surface is left clean and undamaged.