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Benefits of Laser Technology

Traditionally cleaning and restoration services have been delivered using hazardous materials and harsh chemicals which can have a negative impact on the environment. Traditional methods have also proven to take a larger amount of setup and clean up time. These services are also limited to where and how they can be delivered when taking into consideration both in-door and out-door environments.

With the advances in technology, especially laser technology, we can now eliminate almost all of the challenges faced using traditional methods and have a positive impact on the environment as the technology uses the power of light for cleaning and restoration.

Key Benefits of Laser Technology:

  • Environmentally Friendly - No more hazardous materials or harsh chemicals,

  • Faster Delivery of Services - Minimal setup that ensures maximum use of time and drives cost savings,

  • No Mess - Little to no mess is left behind which supports faster turnaround time and supports cost savings,

  • No Damage to Substrate and Surfaces - Due to the delicate manner in which the laser operates there is no damage done to the work area,

  • Cleaning and Restoration Precision - Laser technology can clean and restore at pre-determined levels and can be focused on a targeted area to deliver precise work,

  • Mobility - Phoenix Laser Cleaning & Restoration services are mobile and can deliver services on-site, and;

  • Operate Anywhere - Phoenix Laser Cleaning & Restoration can operate in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Cleaning and Restoration Service Comparison

In the above table, you can see the comparison of services between laser technology and traditional methods.